Day 16: Presence - The gift of deep listening

“We have two ears and only one tongue. Use them proportionately.”

Welcome to day 16! Many great spiritual teachers have reminded us that the best gift we can give to someone else is to simply be present for them and offer our non-judgmental attention. As Thich Naht Hanh tells us, deep listening is about allowing others to empty their hearts. This can be difficult as we have the habit of interrupting, getting personal or giving hasty advice. But, in truth, all we need is to listen.

Here's today's SLP:

  • Give the gift of deep listening. Allow others to empty their hearts into your quiet, loving presence. It can be a friend or family member, a work colleague, a stranger who needs someone to talk to... or it can even be yourself. Listen like a wise elder would listen to a child. With infinite wisdom, sweetness and patience.

Who are you offering your gift to? Enjoy the listening process and do share your experience on our FB group.