Day 2: Transform your imperfections into gifts


Happy New Day! Today you celebrate and nourish a deeper connection to yourself. This is a time for REBIRTH as we move forward with full faith, gratitude and confidence. Remember you are an embodiment of LOVE, so go out there and have fun, enjoy yourself and hug as many people as you can!

This first week of our program is all about CLEANSING: we need to clear the energy of the past to make room for new awareness. The best way to do this is to simply be quiet and empty your being as we commit to meditating for at least 10 minutes a day. Here's a link to one of my meditations in case you want to try it out. Please listen with headphones.

Here is our SLP (Self Love Practice) for Day 2:

  • Transforming your imperfection into your greatest gifts! Take a moment to reflect upon the area in your life where you tend to criticise or judge yourself. Rather than trying to change it or pretend it's not there, simply observe it, accept it and pour buckets of love into it. Remember that Love is a magical energy. You are an alchemist capable of transforming lead into gold!