Day 9: New Morning - Smile, dance and sing

Welcome to day 9!

Today we're having fun by creating a snow ball of positive energy from the moment we wake up! Our mornings have a huge impact on the rest of our day, so it's crucial to establish a clear and consistent morning routine as we strengthen the habit of Self-Love.

Here's your SLP for today:

  • Smile! Get in the habit of smiling as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Smile no matter what, even if you're feeling anxious or tired. This is not a fake smile but a natural response to the gift of being alive. Smile with your mouth, eyes, heart and every organ in your body.
  • Sing! Choose one of your favorite tunes (cheesy love songs are very welcome), grab your imaginary microphone and sing your heart out!
  • Dance! Allow your body to move with total joy and freedom. I've shared one of my faves here: "I Feel Love", by Donna Summer

Incorporate these practices into your morning and see how your day unfolds. Remember: a day without smiling, singing or dancing is a day wasted.