Day 3: I LOVE YOU = Unconditional blessing mantra


Welcome to Day 3! Are you feeling the love? Are you feeling this beatiful collective energy we're creating? It's only day 3 but our love field is already growing and attracting miracles into our life. I invite you to keep your eyes and your heart open to synchronicities, magical events and new exciting opportunities.

Before we move on it's important to clarify the difference between self-esteem and true SELF-LOVE. Self-esteem is conditional: “I love myself because…” and you can fill in the blank. For example: “I love myself because I’m smart. I love myself because I’m attractive, because I’m a caring person.” But all of those “becauses” make the love conditional. Self-esteem is something that you earn. But self-love is an unconditional experience of love for yourself no matter what’s going on. It doesn’t depend on you being smart or pretty or talented or even a loving person. It doesn’t depend on you being anything. It’s about an unconditional acceptance of yourself, no matter what! Self-esteem is great, but it’s really self-love you need in order to live in the Miracle Zone. When you don’t have self-love, you block the miracles because you don’t feel worthy so you energetically push them away. The key here is to rise above your personal identity and connect directly to your higher self, to the source of infinite love inside your heart.

Here's our Self Love Practice (SLP) for today:

  • Connect to your inner heart, your higher self, focus on the spark in your eyes and repeat the most powerful mantra-blessing as many times as you can throughout your day: I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU... Share your love and bless everyone and everything around you!

Have a blessed day and please share your love miracles in our comments or in our Facebook Group.